Joshua Tree

Because of the surrounding nature, camping and hiking are exceptionally popular here.

Welcome to Joshua Tree

A small mountain town that promotes spirituality and creativity
Joshua Tree is a National Park located in Southern California. It gets its name after the trees that populate the area. The park spans the upper Mojave Desert and the lower Colorado Desert, giving each area a unique and different experience. There is minimal light pollution in Joshua Tree, making it a serene and relaxing spot as opposed to the neighboring Los Angeles. 
Joshua Tree is known for its spiritual retreats and its promotion of creativity. Many artists are drawn to the location for its seclusion and laid-back lifestyle. Because of the surrounding nature, camping and hiking are exceptionally popular here.

What to Love

  • Gorgeous Sites 
  • Hiking Trails 
  • Breathtaking Sunrises and Sunsets
  • Relaxed Lifestyle

Local Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Josua Tree is a relaxed and affluent one. The location is secluded and away from the city, truly putting its residents in nature. The night skies are spectacular to behold because of the limited light pollution you get. Artists, filmmakers, and musicians are drawn to the area as the ample space and natural beauty spark creativity. There is also a sizeable spiritual scene in Joshua Tree, with weekend retreats to the area's campgrounds being common. 
The houses in Joshua Tree tend to be on the larger side because of the abundance of space. You will find a lot of contemporary house types with large floor plans and great views. There are a few schools in the area for families and plenty of activities in and around the park. Hiking is a popular pastime.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Pappy and Harriet’s has been a restaurant, saloon, and outdoor music venue since the 1940s. The beloved restaurant serves BBQ items and drinks and is a staple in Joshua Tree. La Copine is a daytime cafe with some fantastic food. Their intimate menu has upscale items and fancy takes on traditional favorites. The Dez is the perfect place to refuel after a day of hiking the trails. The extensive menu changes daily and provides options for every dietary restriction. Pie for the People brings a bit of east coast dining to Joshua Tree. They serve New York-style pizza with a menu that is so large you will need to keep going back to try it all. Sam’s Indian Food and Pizza is a family-run restaurant with traditional Indian cuisine and, as the name states, also pizza. If you’re looking for a place that will fill you up, you’ve found the right spot. 
Joshua Tree has plenty of boutiques and specialty shops to meet your shopping needs. BKB Ceramics has hand-crafted unique ceramic options that will elevate any home’s decor. Ricochet is a vintage shop selling everything from clothing and accessories to vintage items and home decor. You can also grab a CD from local bands or homemade soaps here as well.

Things To Do

The natural setting of Joshua Tree lends for tons of activities. The Hidden Valley Nature Trail is an easily accessible park area with stunning locations. The one-mile loop takes you into a rock-walled area with some amazing formations. There is also a picnic area to enjoy lunch before or after your hike. Camping is a popular activity in Joshua Tree because of the picturesque mountain and calm relaxing nighttime vibes. You can enjoy a long day of hiking and then spend your night relaxing and unwinding under the stars. 
Keys Ranch was initially established in the 1910s by William F. Keys and his family. The property still stands today, and you can take guided tours to glimpse into how life was back then. The Joshua Tree Music Festival is held in May and October over the course of a weekend and offers much more than just live music. You can attend yoga classes, sound baths, mindfulness workshops, and songwriting classes.


There are a few notable schools in the Joshua Tree area: 
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